Hello and Welcome to ALM Sports Summer Camp Program

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We are glad you have chosen us as your summer camp provider this year. A few tips to get you all set up for summer camp:

#1. Did you already set up your Brightwheel app?

What is Brightwheel? – Brighwheel is our attendance application that you can download on your phone. There you will be able to log in/out your child and contact your camp Director with questions about your child during the day. You will also receive notifications during field-trips, pictures and incident reports.

If you recently registered, please allow 2-3 business days from the day you registered to receive your email invitation to join. If after this time you have not yet received it, please email jessika@almsports.com with your child’s name, camp location and the name of the parent/approved pickup and their email or phone number.

How to set up the App? – Video #1

Click here to download the Brightwheel App on iOS

Click here to download the Brightwheel App on Android

#2. How to Pay for Additional Weeks

What is Quick Pay?

You do not need to fill out our detailed registration form every time you want to pay for an additional week. instead, after you have registered you can select multiple weeks and pay for them in a simple way.

Click Here to Go to the Quick Pay Page 

How to use Quick Pay –  Video 

#3. Who Do you Contact when you Need Assistance for Camp?

Meet the ALM Sports Team and know who to contact when you have specific questions:

  • Camp Director – you will meet your director on the day of Open House or on the first day you attend camp, they will be displaying their phone number on the bulletin board. Your director can help you with things regarding attendance, lunch menu, collecting payments, supplies (bottles, shirts, workbooks, etc) and other camp related things.

  • Regional Supervisor – for matters beyond the reach of the assistant director, including and not limited to: behavioral issues, accident/incident reports, special cases, concern, etc; please contact:

– Eric Rhome – for locations in Georgia: Norcross, Decatur and Marietta.

Email: ericrhome509@icloud.com

                     – Joel Castellanos – for locations in Florida

                                      Email: joelcastellanos777@gmail.com

                     – Alvin Murray – for all other Summer Camp locations

                                       Email: alvin@almsports.com

  • Customer Care – for general questions, program pricing and dates of summer camp, please contact:

                      – Dalila Ramos – dalila@almsports.com / 305-992-3799

                      – Carol West – carol@almsports.com / 305-992-3799

  • Technical Support – if you have any questions or need help with Brightwheel or have any concerns or questions that our Director is not able to answer, please contact:

                      – Jessika Castillo – Program Coordinator  – jessika@almsports.com

  • Administration and Management – for compliance, state assistance programs (where applicable), and matters of high importance, please contact:

                       – Mrs Ramos – Adiministrator – admin@almsports.com / 305-992-3799

                       – Alvin Murray – Managing Director – alvin@almsports.com

#4. Where to find field trip schedules and Camp Info?

Please visit this link that will take you to our Summer Program 2019, once you select your location please click on the blue link and you will be able to find Field Trip Information under “Camp Info”

Summer Camps 2019 

#5. What to expect/bring the first week of camp ?

So you may be wondering what is going to happen on the first day…

once you arrive your Director will set you up and confirm your child is in the roster. If not, you will be added to the roster and asked to register your child. If you have any balances due this would be the day to make the payment.

You will also receive your summer supplies (water bottle, back pack, t-shirt and summer workbook). Make sure you let the director know if you purchased additional items or if you would like to purchase them on the first week.

You may be wondering what you should bring to camp…

-If your child has any allergies or requires medication such as an inhaler, make sure you pack it and notify the director.

– Additional set of clothing is optional

– comfortable shoes (closed toed preferably)

-socks (for camps located in Bounce places,  socks are required for jumping)

– snack money (optional)

– water bottle

– extra snacks

– sunscreen/ mosquito repellent

– Any additional items you deem necessary for your child



Once again, Welcome to the ALM Sports Family, let’s make this summer the best ever for Our children !