ALM Sports Summer Camp If you are a parent and still planning where your kids will be spending the long summer holidays, then welcome to ALM Sports. ALM Sport is not just regular summer camp but one that aims to use sports to create an interactive platform where kids of all ages, background, race and […]

There is a lot of hype and buzz created around STEM education and its multiple benefits. Academic professionals are of the opinion that STEM education must be imparted to kids as early as possible I their childhood to encourage a proper and productive learning process. But what is that makes STEM so valuable and in-demand? […]

Summer, in a child’s dictionary, calls for long hours of playing and no worries about going to school and completing assignments. However, many children tend to slack when it comes to staying hydrated all along summer. As parents, here are 7 ways you can ensure that your kids remain hydrated this summer. Feed hydrating fruits […]

Building a person’s confidence is not something that should just start, when you’re thirty. It is one of the essential event lineups, that should occur when you’re still a child. A lot of adults and parents, don’t understand the reasons why they should help their kids build self confidence from their tender age, while some […]

For every child, staying active is crucial for a healthy mind and life. Sports and activities allow children to release all of their built up energy. But, where does all of that energy come from? The main source of their energy is food. Kids tend to require multiple meals and snacks to help further their […]

If you exercise at home with your kids watching then there would definitely come a day when they would ask that they join you as you exercise. Your kids definitely cannot complete the entire workout that you do but there are some simple or basic exercises that you can do with your kids. Here are […]

Being a parent comes with lots of joy and happiness as well as lots of challenges. Sometimes it could be really difficult to strike a balance between being a parent to your kids, work, and home life. Having a home is not just about your personal life and children, its also about caring for your […]

The summer would be here before you know it, and you can bet that your kids and teens would love to relish that special summer camp treat again. However, a lot seems to be changing about summer camps these days, and there’s the need to find the camping option with the most pleasant activity and […]

Kids are really divine beings but sometimes as a parent, raising a child and hoping they turn out okay is a constant leap of faith. Kids these days go through a lot and not all of them want to talk it out. They prefer zoning out with their phones and the internet to actual face […]

Eating healthy is the first step to leading a good lifestyle devoid of diseases and disorders. It is better if you back it up with exercises of physical activity of some sort, but the foremost step always is to eat healthily. Having said that, it is crucial to understand what kind of foods work best […]

Physical activity among children is on a decline, with indoor activities and gadgets preferred by many young ones. Phones, computers, and video games rank above playing games or sports with friends outside. This is unfortunate due to the many benefits that such physical activity can have on your child, both physically and mentally. Apart from […]

As far as the current scenario is concerned, today’s youth is a little less inclined towards the idea of fitness and exercising in general. You will find people going to the gym, eating healthy, and consuming protein powder smoothies in an effort to bulk up their muscles, but that’s just a handful of them. The […]

While most parents sign their kids up for athletic activities because they want their children to be active, there is also another reason to play sports. Scientific research has proven that athletic activities actually enhance a child’s brain activity. Exercise is known to have a long-lasting impact on a child’s brain while it is still […]

The school year is coming to an end, summer is strolling in, and so is your opportunity for a family getaway! However, family trips can be very expensive and time-consuming! Why not find an affordable but fun balance by taking a road trip in your very own sunshine state, Florida!? Florida has the Atlantic on […]